Float Camp in Belgium’s Vlotkamp

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Float Camp in Belgium’s Vlotkamp

We assume Vlotkamp translates to float camp, but even if, strangely it doesn’t, (yes, we know Google Translate is a thing), it’s a fitting name. The camp is a series of rafts with fairly luxe tents on them, all floating on a lake in Flanders, the Flemish region of Belgium. The tents were partly a response to Covid-19, as the designers, who also run a treehouse camp called Boomkamp, wanted to rethink a way to camp outdoors, with others nearby, in as safe a manner as possible. ADVERTISEMENTIf you read Flemish, or even if you don’t and are adept at kinda reading Flemish, you can book a raft at the Vlotkamp website. Photos: Vlotkamp

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