How to make a Cuban rum cocktail with Eminente

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How to make a Cuban rum cocktail with Eminente

‘Cubans are always joking around,’ says bartender Cedric Diaz, who works at La Guarida bar and loves it for its authenticity and buzzy central Havana location. Something else that’s intrinsically threaded into the Cuban culture is rum, which is at the heart of this syrupy, zesty mix. The particular rum in this recipe is also special, created by César Martí, the youngest-ever Cuban maestro ronero (rum master). The result is Eminente Reserva: aged for a minimum of seven years, it’s one of only a handful of Cuban rums to be classified Denominación de Origen Protegida (DOP Ron de Cuba). AdvertisementFor Cubans, a cocktail at sunset or a nip of rum post-supper isn’t simply another drink, it’s about creating a family atmosphere where people always feel at the epicentre of the party.

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