Huns Weigh In on Hun Culture

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Huns Weigh In on Hun Culture

Howells decided to join the party, and his account @hunsnet was born, its name a tongue-in-cheek hybrid of the notoriously conservative British parenting website Mumsnet and the burgeoning online subculture known as “hun culture,” characterized by pages like Hun Official. In 2021, “hun culture” is less a weird corner of Instagram for pop-culture-addled girls and gays, and more a part of mainstream British internet humor. Though their audiences are still predominantly young women and gay men, hun accounts have become a legitimate part of meme comedy. They appeal so widely because, in a nutshell, they represent the fun side of British celebrity culture: the deification of women who offer an alternative to the world’s dominant conception of fame as perfect, preened, and mostly American. The intense relatability of hun culture has been fuel for its growth—it’s diva worship for millennials sick of having glossily groomed girlbosses and gym-fit Insta models shoved down their throats.

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