Is this Mexico's most self-sufficient hideaway?

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Is this Mexico's most self-sufficient hideaway?

Light appears to engulf the entire space, pouring in through shaded glass to fragment on the concrete floor. AdvertisementBedroom Pia RiverolaIts owner, Prashant Ashoka, a freelance writer and photographer, conceived the idea of the house when he moved from Singapore to San Miguel de Allende in the summer of 2017. ‘I chanced upon this plot on a hike with my then friend, now husband, Jorge,’ he tells me. But he also sees the small casa as a living art installation, an homage to the work of Mexico’s most famous modernist architect, Luis Barrágan. It also gives a different perspective on San Miguel de Allende, long a favourite for its art and design hits, but which tends to be a self-contained destination.

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