OnlyFans Bans Public Sex

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OnlyFans Bans Public Sex

OnlyFans content creators can no longer share images and videos featuring sex in \"public places,\" the latest entry into the platform's already lengthy list of content it forbids. AdvertisementAs of archives saved in mid-February, no mention of public places was included in OnlyFans' Terms of Use, so this change is a new addition within the last month. The definition of \"public\" and \"lewd\" vary between states, however, with some states defining it as public if passers-by can see it—but there are no federal laws against public nudity. AdvertisementEden said she suspects that OnlyFans' terms of service, which fluctuate often, are due to payment processors' strict rules that are biased against the adult industry. Obviously, anything remotely illegal, like public sex could be in some places, would be seen as risky to a bank.

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