Sailing Croatia's Dalmatian coast

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Sailing Croatia's Dalmatian coast

Elena went on to raise two daughters there before moving to the mainland’s seaside city of Zadar. She grew to love life on the north Dalmatian coast, with its archipelagoes, special light and complicated history that has seen nearly every European imperial force, from the Greeks and Romans on, pass through and leave its mark. This gave her the chance to spend time in the places she loved while also conveying their virtues to others. satoriyacht.comScroll down for more pictures of Croatia's Dalmatian coast...Read next Quarantine hotels in the UK: Which countries require quarantine? Now read:Croatia islands: the 15 bestCroatia islands: the 15 best Destinations Croatia islands: the 15 bestThe 20 best beaches in CroatiaAdvertisementThe 20 best beaches in Croatia Destinations The 20 best beaches in CroatiaCan I go to Croatia?

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