The most beautiful restaurants in the world

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The most beautiful restaurants in the world

QUADRI RESTAURANT, VENICEA grand café reinvented on St Mark's SquareOver the years this grand café gained a list of regulars that included Lord Byron, Alexandre Dumas and Marcel Proust. The Max and Raf menus highlight each of the brother’s personalities; Max is the innovative one, Raf the more traditional. Yet it is only this year that the restaurant’s 250-year-old interior caught up with the kitchen’s contemporary attitude. And on shelves above the doors, whimsical taxidermy rabbits and foxes are ready to take flight, a nod to the winged lion that guards the city. Reserve a table by the window on the first floor for a front-row view over the square, high above the crowds – because this is once again the most-coveted spot in Venice.

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