The Path Of The Lost Above Cappadocia, Turkey

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The Path Of The Lost Above Cappadocia, Turkey

43 Shares PinA by product of 10 million years of volcanic activity, the Cappadocia region of Turkey was once where early Christians hid from Roman persecution. Now, the area outside of the Turkish town of Goreme sees 2.5 million tourists a year, drawn by ancient dwellings above and below ground, phallic rock formations, and famous hot air balloon rides. Along the way there are a number of great climbs in and out of the rock formations, dwellings, and places of worship like the Cavusin Church. Keeping things interesting the pilots also have a knack for lowering the hot air balloons in between the rock formations before taking you back up just under 500 meters (~1,600 feet). A hot air balloon ride over Goreme is one of those tourist attractions that is popular you can’t help but expect disappointment.

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