Where was 'The Dig' filmed?

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Where was 'The Dig' filmed?

LARRY HORRICKS/NETFLIX © 2021AdvertisementIn The Dig, we see the county mostly via Brown’s cycle journeys to and from work. Two of these were then used for the early stages of the dig, and a third for the discovery of the ship, which was recreated in fibreglass. However, the process was in fact filmed in reverse, with the open site created first and then filled in for authenticity. Tranmer House in Suffolk Getty ImagesTHE HOUSE: NORNEY GRANGEPretty’s Suffolk home, Tranmer House, sits on the Sutton Hoo estate and is now a museum. Built in 1910 in Tudor Revival style, it is historically significant but aesthetically no match for the house employed as its stand-in for The Dig.

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