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    Knapsack Collective offers a wide range of coaching & reflection services. We are here for people who would like to take a closer look at themselves and their lives.


    Who are you? What do you want? Why do you do the things you do? Do you feel you're missing out on something; on beauty, happiness, a sense of fulfilment?


    Are you ready for a new phase in your life? Anxious to create a life that truly suits you?


    Then Knapsack Collective might be just the collective you're looking for.

    Enjoy our year-round services at the Knapsack Home or embark on a potentially life changing trip.


    NOTE: we're no longer active with Knapsack. If you're interested in coaching, you might want to check out Thomas' new coaching company The Freedom Program.

  • "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us"

    - Gandalf -

    A Subtle Art

    Life can be quite complex. So many options, opinions, downsides and opportunities. What should I be doing? Should I follow this thing called reason or should I listen to what wise and experienced people are telling me? Do I want to follow my heart? Can one even do such a thing? Who am I anyway?

    From confusion to clarity

    That is what we're here for: to help you experience a state of being where clouds seem to have drifted away. To feel a certain calm and overview, a sense of excitement for your life! From here, taking steps becomes easier and way more fun. You feel empowered; anxious to take more ownership over your life. Your inner titan has awoken!


    PS our programs and trips can be held in either Dutch, English or a combination of the two

  • What type of break are you looking for?

    Knapsack Collective offers two types of trips:


    (1) Individual coaching & reflection trips at the Knapsack Home - year-round


    (2) Small-group trips that take place every once in a while at either the Knapsack Home or someplace else (e.g. Portugal or the Alps)


  • Individual coaching & reflection trips at

    the Knapsack Home - year-round

    Our individual, tailor-made programs:


    (1) The 1 Hour Holiday

    (2) The 1 Day Vacation 

    (3) A Weekend Away


    Each of these have a different duration and dynamic. We take you and your question as the starting point for the design of your program. The 1 Hour Holiday consists of a 1-on-1 coaching conversation, whereas The 1 Day Vacation and A Weekend Away also include exercises and time for reflection and relaxation. Read more about our three programs in the next section.


    Picking your Knapsack program is a personal choice, but if you're uncertain about which one to pick, we generally aks: which one excites you? From which do you think would you be able to benefit the most?


    Of course, we're always available for advice. Simply e-mail us at info@knapsackcollective.com.


    Once you've selected a program, we'll be in touch for selecting (a) date(s).


  • The 1 Hour Holiday (€85)

    New perspectives in the blink of an eye

    The 1 Hour Holiday

    at kitchen table or during a walk outside / approx. 1.5 hours

    The 1 Hour Holiday: quite the unique type of holiday! Take a break and for a moment forget about the daily stuff and enjoy a refreshing plunge into your life's larger themes. Definitely the most efficient holiday we've come across.


    Price: €85


    Location: Knapsack Home (Limburg, The Netherlands)


    Sign up for this trip using our registration form. We will contact you to set the time & date.

  • The 1 Day Vacation (€275)

    Refreshing & deepening

    The 1 Day Vacation

    Coaching, exercises & time for reflection

    Take a full day of time for yourself and your process. The 1 Day Vacation starts off with a 1-1.5 hour talk during which we will explore your big next growth opportunity. In the hours that follow, you will enjoy one or two coaching exercises to get more clarity and insights, time for reflection, a lunch break and two more coaching talks.


    Dependent on your wishes, a great part of the day can be spent outside.


    Schedule: 10AM - 5PM.


    Price: €275

    (lunch included)


    Location: Knapsack Home (Limburg, The Netherlands)


    Sign up for this trip using our registration form. We will contact you to set the time & date.

  • A Weekend Away (€450)

    Feel revitalized and ready for a new phase

    A Weekend Away

    Coaching, exercises and time for reflection and relaxation

    In for some reflection and relaxation? Then A Weekend Away might be a good choice. During this weekend, you will have plenty of time for 1-on-1 coaching sessions, insightful exercises and walks around the Knapsack Home. You'll enjoy nice food, sleep in a comfy bed (you'll get your own room) and might end up reading some interesting books from the Knapsack Library.


    When leaving the Home Sunday evening, you will feel lighter, fresh and excited for your next steps.


    Schedule: start at 7.30PM on day 1, ending on day 3 at 5PM


    Note that 'A Weekend Away" can also be booked on days other than the weekend.


    Price: €425

    (includes food, drinks & 2 overnight stays at the Knapsack Home)


    Location: Knapsack Home (Limburg, The Netherlands)


    Sign up for this trip using our registration form. We will contact you to set the dates


  • Small-group Trip Section

    ~ please note: there are no trips scheduled at the moment ~




    Do you like to move? Ready for some reflection?


    Knapsack Collective brings together a group of people who are in for an impactful trip.

    We combine reflective talks and exercises with a magnificent, fun, active and relaxing holiday.


    Sounds good right!?


    Spending time outside makes you feel relaxed, healthy, clear of mind, satisfied and, well, happy. Now imagine how you'll feel after a couple of days of nature, hiking and good talks...


    Good thing is: you won't be knapsacking alone!

    Instead, you'll be part of a fun group of your own age group (20-40). Being amongst people who are more or less of your own age has the great benefit that you're likely to go through the same experiences or stages of personal and professional development. This is bound to make your on the road or after dinner chats highly interesting and simply entertaining!

    Coaches in motion


    First of all, we will be there as your coaches. The coaching program consists of three parts:

    • 1-on-1 coaching sessions with us and/or your travel buddies
    • Coaching exercises
    • Small group/peer coaching sessions 

    All of the coaching activities are aimed at helping you identify current barriers and in so doing we will explore new and exciting horizons.


    In second instance, we will take care of the practical stuff, such as planning the trip, arranging places to stay and so on.


  • What people say:


    "It was an unforgettable trip... one of the best in my life (so far ;)). Love for you guys!"


    "I liked everything. To be honest, I didn´t expected it would be THIS great. It brought many, many insights, motivation and a good point to start a good change. Thank you so much!"


    "Had an amazing trip! Loads of personal coaching, games, hiking, sunshine, snow and the occasional blister. Could recommend it to anybody who wants to know the meaning of life, make some new BFF's or just walk their asses off... :)"


    "I've gained more insight into the way I think and act. I am capable of recognizing certain thought patterns now, which is very helpful. All in all I'd say: Knapsack is awesome! And you guys have been amazing."

    "I loved the fresh air, the atmosphere in the group, the ratio between following a program and having your own time, the beautiful people that joined this trip, the coaches, the exercise; the beauty of all of us diving into this adventure."


    "Welcoming, warm, light at heart and very much in the moment!"


    "I liked the way in which you were able to combine soul searching deep-dive sessions with just having a lot of fun. The coaching sessions were super useful, as well as the different games and exercises - very well organized!!"


    "Very insightful! I really hope more people get to experience this. Walk on!"

  • Nice to meet you!

    We are Roos Apotheker and Thomas van de Loo. We're enthusiastic coaches,

    and (sort of) young people interested in, well, you!

    Roos Apotheker

    About a year ago I finished my career in International Development Cooperation and started a new one as a coach & free-ranger.


    I decided I had my share of consultancy and International Development, so I quit my job and started my own company. At the moment I do many different things: coaching/teaching students at University, exploring new grounds as a yoga teacher, giving lectures about Burn Out prevention at companies and traveling around.


    Walking to Santiago & Fisterra has taught me great things and showed me how free we can be if we make that choice.


    Reflecting, interacting with others who are trying to create a better balance in life is what I am looking for. It would be great to team up with you during one of our trips.


    Question? Send me an email!


    Thomas van de Loo

    A life coach passionate about (re)aligning people's way of seeing with their very own nature. Getting to the core of things, helping you see beyond those lovely clouds that no longer serve you, is what makes me tick!


    My background is in social sciences, marketing and copywriting. A couple of years ago, I quit my job to be able to explore the free range career & lifestyle and I've been really enjoying the ride ever since. My life has become this very enjoyable hodge podge of activities that seems to be changing every other month almost - making it dynamic and vivid, but very relaxed and free at the same time!


    But I can tell you more about that when we're hiking from Tui to O Porriño... :)


    Question? Send me an email!



    Or check out my website:



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    Note that if you're booking a trip with Knapsack, you are technically taking this trip on your own. That means you are responsible for your own safety and insurance. See also conditions.


    PS a trip will take place as soon as enough participants signed up for it

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