Can caravan holidays ever be cool?

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Can caravan holidays ever be cool?

In a year not exactly short of surprises, perhaps the biggest one yet is that caravan holidays are enjoying a comeback. All three of us grew up with caravan holidays in our lives, and have nostalgic memories of caravan life by the sea; hanging out in the arcades with boys, spending all our money on Curly Wurlys in the tuckshop, and the excitement of caravan sleeping arrangements, like tucked-away bunkbeds or pull-out sofas. Saloon room at Club Jupiter Joanna BongardAdvertisementThe fact that caravan holidays simply weren’t on the radar of young British travellers is even stranger given our fascinating caravan culture heritage. But by the 1980s, when package holidays abroad were affordable to the masses, British caravan holidays were falling out of public favour, no longer viewed as a particularly glamorous or aspirational. Caravan design continued to evolve, but the even though my generation of travellers perhaps grew up on caravan holidays, a British caravan holiday didn’t quite hold the allure of a Spanish music festival, or a week in Tulum, or a city break in Berlin.

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