Excerpt: My Life as a Fire Lookout

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Excerpt: My Life as a Fire Lookout

Trina Moyles looked at the job description for a fire tower lookout job in northern Canada’s Boreal forest and lingered for a moment on this line: Only highly self-motivated individuals can overcome the loneliness and often monotonous routines of the lookout observer’s way of life. What followed is the subject of her new book, Lookout: Love, Solitude, and Searching for Wildfire in the Boreal Forest. ***A storm was brewing to the southwest of my tower, but my expectations for wildfires were low. I looked away then glanced back, and there it was: a column of white smoke, pushed low to the treetops with the surging winds. The smoke would fade into nothingness, the wildfire into a black scar on the landscape that few would ever fly over.

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