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Going Eifel

Exploring Germany's characteristic mountain range

"Und jetzt hab' Ich für Ihnen noch einen speziales Geschenk"
Knapsack goes Eifel
From 9 to 13 March, The Knapsack Collective will go on a trip to Eifel (for info & registration, go here!). Of course, we had to first check it out for you guys, so follow us on our journey across Western Germany's forest, fields, little towns and beautiful viewpoints!
It's early in the afternoon when we reach the 1000 year old town of Adenau. From Amsterdam, it’s about a four hour drive to the area, with perhaps the most rewarding moment taking place already after about 3 hours ;)
"Einen speziales Geschenk"
Upon arrival in Adenau, the town's "Germanness" strikes us immediately: old, wooden houses make up a large part of the "centre" and it feels like we've entered a different era. We park the car and head to the local tourist office, where a friendly lady eagerly informs us about the trip we're about to undertake. It’s a trip called "Eifelleiter" and it has been opened just a couple of months ago. Locals prove to be proud of the new tour and this is illustrated by the tourist office lady handing out a special gift to us: "Und jetzt hab' Ich für Ihnen noch einen speziales Geschenk". They are ponchos that have the Eifelleiter logo printed on them. Finally, we feel truly ready to do this :)
The Eifeleiter
The Eifelleiter is a three-day, 53km tour, starting from the river the Rhine ("Bad Breisig"), taking one through the Eifel's little towns, forests and fields, all the way up to the Eifel's highest point "Die Hohe Acht" (747m.), to eventually finish in Adenau.
Haute cuisine
We leave our car in Adenau and a bus and two trains take us to Bad Breisig. We roam around town a bit and enjoy a fine Schnitzel in a restaurant located on the banks of the Rhine. 
Day 1: sieht gut aus
The next morning, we begin our hike with a place called "Niederzissen" as our final destination. It's a 15,7km hike and it provides us with splendid views over the area.
On our way, we're passing villages...
... fields....
... forests...
And yes... paragliders prove to be part of the trip as well... :)
To then finally arrive in Niederzissen, where we enjoy one of these fellas again :)
Day 2: volcano time
The next day, our 15,1km tour will take us from Niederzissen to the town of Spessart. In our Eifelleiter guide, today's trip's themed 'Volcanic landscape'' and we do encounter smaller and larger pieces of vulcanic rock every now and then. The area is known for its volcanic crater lakes termed "Maar" in German, and here we're looking at the "Rodder Maar"
Enjoying the scenery...
... the forest...
... and a nice winter sun!
"Come on, dude" 
After a couple of hours, we stumble upon a sign standing in the woods that directs us straight to our hotel for that night. Schönes Service!
Day 3: Das Challenge
The next morning, our most challenging hike awaits us. Today, we'll round up our 3-day-hike and head for Adenau again, with a 22km hike across the Hocheifel.
Bye bye Spessart!
And off to Adenau...
Eifel lookin' good
"One day, I'm gonna buy all of this here..."
9.8 down, 15,1 to go!
After around 5km, we reach "Hohe Acht", the Eifel's highest mountain (747m). To get to its highest point, we need to cross some slightly misty forests. 
Supposedly, the views are amazing from up here.
The sound of no sound
During a little lunch break in these misty forests, it hits us that we're experiencing something quite exotic: perfect silence. Because no matter how hard we try, it seems impossible to hear something. Funnily, it's a pretty amazing experience.
During the last few kilometers, things are getting a bit heavier. Blisters seem to pop up out of nowhere, muscles start crying for a warm bath and the mere idea of eating Schnitzel no. 47 makes us delirious with desire. 
Das Moment...
But after approx. 8 hours we reach Adenau, with my heroic finish being the living proof of that.
And when night falls in Adenau... it's Bitburger time...
Eifel, unser Freund, bis später!
Want to join The Knapsack Collective on a trip to Eifel? Register now for our March (9-13) trip!
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