Sex Workers Are Fighting to Get the COVID Vaccine

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Sex Workers Are Fighting to Get the COVID Vaccine

But many sex workers have been economically ravaged by the coronavirus and driven to work in-person, sometimes without adequate PPE. Some sex workers who’d paid taxes as independent contractors can be eligible for unemployment, but that still leaves out wide swathes of people. “Sex workers have been cut out of a lot of benefits and are not able to make ends meet and so are going back to sex work,” D’Adamo said. That includes sex workers, who do not have the option to mitigate a lot of the risks.”AdvertisementIn the early days of the pandemic, during the first shutdown in the spring, researchers led by the University of Illinois, Chicago surveyed 21 sex workers in their city. The deplatforming was a gut punch to sex workers, who relied on online forums to find and vet clients as well as share “bad date” lists, which warn other sex workers against dangerous clients.

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