Six amazing reasons to visit Tokyo

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Six amazing reasons to visit Tokyo

Both formal and casual, traditional and hi-tech, Tokyo’s contrasts are what make it so endlessly fascinating. The city’s faithfulness to ancient customs and futuristic thinking, its patience and poise amid the buzz and flashing lights, its disarming ability to make you feel – even while jet-lagged, culture-shocked and most probably lost – utterly safe and at ease are all invigorating contradictions. Thanks to the enviably low crime rate, it's a place you may want to explore a little more than other world cities: perhaps you’ll head down that curious-looking side street, peek beyond that restaurant curtain and step into the scene inside, or meander back to that blossom-clad boutique you cycled past in a less well-trodden district. Not only is the city committed to a Covid-safe environment for travellers with its plans to host the Olympic Games in 2021, it’s the perfect launchpad for exploring wider Japan. From a thrillingly diverse food scene to head-turning artistic neighbourhoods, here are six reasons to visit Tokyo in 2021.

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