The best country pubs near London to book now

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The best country pubs near London to book now

The Fordwich Arms, KentDISTANCE: 1HR 30MINS FROM SE LONDONWhen a bunch of bright young Clove Club alumni opened The Fordwich Arms, restaurant critic Grace Dent rightly predicted it would bring Londoners flocking to the tiny Kentish town for its outstandingly good food and ‘Michelin-manner whimsy’. Fougasse and soda bread is baked, charcuterie cured, ricotta made in-house are some examples of rotating seasonal dishes. There are several tasting menus, including two vegetarian; and the puddings are sensationally pretty (one of the owners is pastry chef Natasha Norton-Smith of Michelin-starred One Leicester Street). The low stone pub, built into the side of a hill overlooking the Surrey countryside, with great views from the tables in the green and leafy gardens. But the food and drink offerings have certainly been updated.

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