The Best Travel Laundry Bag?

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The Best Travel Laundry Bag?

After a decade of trial and error, we’ve finally found the best travel laundry bag – Check out our complete Scrubba travel washing machine review. Our Scrubba Travel Washing Bag ReviewWe’ve heard a lot about travel washing machines, but never had the chance to try one. They sounded like they’d work great though, and as far as determining the best travel laundry bag goes, it seemed to tick all the boxes. The difference between any old dry bag though and the Scrubba travel laundry bag, is that the Scrubba has a flexible, rubber washboard built into the inside. Tips for the Scrubba Travel Washing BagIt’s a pretty straightforward, yet ingenious, piece of kit, and it’d be hard to find anything else that compares as the best travel laundry bag.

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