The Making of a Perfect Celebrity Apology

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The Making of a Perfect Celebrity Apology

It can take literally days to craft a sentence.”Sometimes it’s for an affair, sometimes it’s for working with Woody Allen, sometimes it’s for “ benefiting from a system that condones misogyny and racism ”—whatever the issue, the celebrity apology industrial complex is in rare form right now. To get insight into how the apology sausage gets made, VICE spoke to a celebrity publicist, who candidly shared their firsthand experience. It’s very clear when I read an apology the talent has decided to do by themselves, without consulting their team. The problematic apology is the reactionary apology, the one that is just firing off the first thought you have in the moment of something coming up. And the apologies where they don’t say “I’m sorry.” You and I both have read a celebrity apology where the words, “I’m sorry, and I will continue to be sorry” don’t exist.

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