What’s the Deal With Rooftop Tents?

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What’s the Deal With Rooftop Tents?

In the years since, I’ve tried two now, one from Yakima and one from Thule (Thule bought Tepui tents a couple years ago, and their RTT division is now Thule Tepui, confusingly). Both tents use the ladder as the unfolding mechanism and once the ladder is positioned, the tents are effectively erected. Both feel impossibly luxurious, as compared with a standard sleeping pad for ground camping. I imagine these tents were originally meant for hardcore overland use, where people are driving way, way out into the desert and couldn’t predict ground surface conditions. Other than using a fancy cot and a massive 4-person standup tent, I can’t imagine ground camping ever feeling even remotely as comfortable as RTT camping does.

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