Why We Must Love the Bear’s World

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Why We Must Love the Bear’s World

Oliver writes: “There is only one question: how to love this world.”…the hostility towards bears and other carnivores is a tie that binds…This spring, as bruins emerged across the American West, I found myself wondering about the secret lives bears lead. Is it hunger pangs or some deeper yearning — perhaps to experience the new world – that drives bears from the comfort and warmth of their dens? I’ve been thinking about bears and how to love their world because bear-management-practices have been in the spotlight recently, a light that intensified after two people were killed by bears, one in Montana and one in Colorado. Greg Gianforte signed a bill that allows hunters to use hounds to hunt black bears in the spring, when they’re with cubs and ravenous for food. There’s a long-standing war on carnivores and blaming bears is a convenient excuse for what ails the deer and the deer hunter’s world.

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