Sometimes people ask me: "hey, ehm... those Knapsack trips of yours, what are they like really? What kind of people subscribe? And what do you guys discuss?"

What they're actually asking me are these two things: (1) is it weird? and (2) is it weird that I'm thinking about joining? Well, of course you must have some serious issues if you're thinking about coming along!

No, honestly, I think it's beyond normal, extremely sane and dramatically constructive to join us on a hiking trip. We all think about stuff; we all wonder about our lives, about who we are and who we would like to be. And in the end, I've never met someone who doesn't love talking about the things that are going on in the back of their minds. Questions, doubts, fears, passions: once you get them out there, you'll feel relieved and full of inspiration. And there's nothing scary about it, or weird, or whatever. It's great fun and it's a perfect opportunity to shoot you forward. More importantly, a Knapsack trip has as primary goal to have a great time with great people in great places. Because there's nothing more inspiring than simply that...

So see you in Portugal, you weirdo!

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